For creating web sites please visit to our web studio - www.Mtavari.Com - Mtavari Web Studio.

Laying out, designing, creating, publishing and maintaining web sites require a complex knowledge and experience. It should be done not only creatively but professionally.

Often programmers and designers are doing these type works on their own which is often not efficient and even gives negative results. As they pay attention only to decoration and equipping the web site with certain tools, therefore the results of their product can be used only for entertaining or demonstrating!

We approach to this question purely professionally and we realise that fundamental features of the web site are:

  • The appropriate presentation of the organisation before the society;
  • The appropriate promotion of activities and products of the organization;
  • Precise follow to organization’s marketing strategy;
  • Attracting clients and keeping in touch with them;
  • The full availability of the web sites to the maximum number of clients.

After all these defined the next step is the design and programming of the web site.

Such is the modern professional approach over the world. Those organisations which realize, that the right management of the web site is as important as managing the marketing and sales department of the organization, are more successful.

All these considered we offer our professional service in following questions:

  • Defining the concepts and the optimal structure of the web site;
  • Optimal web site design;
  • Choosing the optimal domain for publishing the web site;
  • Choosing the optimal web hosting for publishing web site;
  • A well-thought registration of the web site in various search engines;
  • Web site optimal maintaining, updating, developing, making changes, etc.

We also offer to the existing web sites:

  • Auditing that is estimating how well does it meet the demands, giving recommendations;
  • And if required we will redesign, update and improve them.

For creating web sites please visit to our web studio - www.Mtavari.Com - Mtavari Web Studio.

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