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Who We Are

Abada is a high professional organization. The company's employees have many years of experience in the consulting business, who implemented more than 120 projects in more than the 40 companies.

We successfully combine modern world knowledge and experience with Georgian practice and tradition to achieve high results. We choose our staff with the strict professional criteria, and we test them into practice, the professionals with master's degree and doctorate degrees work in the leading positions. This is a prerequisite that our customers are satisfied with our services.

When modern society is so rapidly changing and developing, we are rapidly growing and developing too. We try that our services always meet to modern requirements and we offer a greater range of services to clients. The main thing in our work is to satisfy the interests of our client.

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What We Do

We offer a variety of qualified services as companies as private individuals, investors, public, government and international organizations. We serve customers with counseling, teaching, training, problem solving, and the different aid, business process outsourcing, and so on. The type and volume of services depends on specific consumer requirements. Our services include a wide range of activities and is not confined to any particular sector, such as management, marketing, finance, information technology, electronic commerce, human resources and so on. Also, our services are not limited to one particular field, but we serve all of the subjects in the field, for example: finance-banking, agriculture, industry, construction, trade, transport, communication, education, pharmacy, chemical industry, tourism and so on.

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How We Do

The company's highly qualified staff and experts based on modern and contemporary knowledge work in full compliance to the modern standards, with the world's proven methods and experience. At the same time, we take into consideration the specific needs of each customer. Even a minor must be taken into account; there should be no weak spots, which interfere with the desired results. Particular attention is focused on the accurate diagnostic and the assessment difficulty of problem. Analysis and decision-making process is based on the principle of teamwork. If necessary for the specific work we invite external experts-professionals. Everything is done to ensure that services to be high quality and customers get maximum beneficial effects.

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Why Us

Domestic or foreign customers who use our service to be sure that we faithfully perform the assigned job. Any job big or small, is equally important for us. The following principles are fundamental to us:
  • High quality
  • Advanced modern standard
  • Maximum effect with minimum expenses
  • Commitment to entrusted work
  • Priority to customers interests
  • Open communication with customers
  • High responsibility
  • Confidentiality


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