Abada Accounting has developed as a result of our ability to recognize and satisfy the needs of our clients. Our general accounting department is a fully staffed and self-contained unit including a general accounting partner, manager/supervisor and paraprofessionals. Only properly trained and experienced professionals and paraprofessionals are used in the general accounting department.

The general accounting department provides high quality bookkeeping and payroll services to our clients. We prepare bank reconciliations and provide our clients with reconciled cash balances. Also, our general accounting department prepares the general journals, the general ledger, payroll journal, payroll and sales tax returns. In addition to this, our clients are provided a compiled financial statement on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Our general accounting department can provide the services necessary to allow business owners to more efficiently and effectively manage their business by relieving them of the financial reporting process. For the small business, we can effectively provide a service that might otherwise require an in house, full charge bookkeeper on the client's payroll.

We offer:

  • Implementation of Company Accounting Systems or their separate functions as a component of the integrated management system.
  • Accounting System Modeling (Task Setting) in implementing information systems.
  • Optimization of the Organizational and Functional Structure of the accounting service and its interaction with other divisions.
  • Development and Implementation of Accounting Policies incorporating a set of in-company standards, their adaptation to computerized accounting systems.
  • Development of Uniform Chart of Accounts, which allows all members of the holding (or multi-branch company) to form analytical data in a single format simultaneously for the purposes of financial (national accounting standards, IAS (IFRS), GAAP), tax and management accounting.
  • Building the Rational Mechanism of Management and Financial Accounting and Reporting. Development of methodology and procedures for preparation of consolidated financial statements for a group of companies.
  • Preparation of enterprises for transition to accounting and reporting in compliance with IAS (IFRS)/ GAAP. Development and Implementation of the IAS (IFRS)/ GAAP Reporting Methodology and Procedures (transformation, dual-standard accounting).
  • Restoration of Accounting Records and Outsourcing Services (Contract Accounting).
  • On-Line Information and Consulting Support of Accounting Service (answering questions, provision of legislation reviews, etc.).
  • Methodological Support of complex transactions (reorganization, etc.).
  • Methodological Support in Setting up and Operation of the Internal Audit Service: development of recommendations, regulations, provisions, documents flow procedures and audit programs to improve control and optimize management procedures.
  • Professional Development of Accounting and Internal Audit Specialists (training, testing, certification). All services are provided according to national accounting standards, IAS (IFRS) or GAAP.

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