Our aim is to provide our clients with optimal solutions tailored to their needs and legal requirements. We support our clients - businesses and individuals paying taxes - in performing their duties towards tax offices (we can also undertake to perform such duties on behalf of the clients) and represent our clients in disputes with tax authorities. Our staff will help you both in matters connected with national and international taxes and other public levies as well as in double taxation issues.

We offer:

Tax Audit

Review of tax liabilities and development of measures to protect the client from tax penalties and other punitive actions as top-priority steps preceding the planned field tax audit. Tax audit also includes protection of the clients’ interests before national tax authorities and in arbitration courts during the period of audit.

Advanced Tax Recovery, Tax Disputes

Assistance in reduction of current tax payments by offsetting the overpaid taxes. Forming and protecting clients’ legal position based on findings of field audits and office work.

Tax Accounting

Development of the tax accounting system. Building methodological basis and organizational structure of the tax accounting system. Development of the system technological aspects. System implementation in the information environment.

Tax Outsourcing

Provision of tax accounting services to legal entities, including protection of the clients’ interests before tax authorities and courts of arbitration in disputes relating to the tax accounting period.

Tax Planning

International aspects of tax planning: using advantages of offshore and low-tax companies, tax opportunities of holdings, financial and trading companies in different countries of the world.

National tax planning aspects: tax opportunities of regions, tax instruments of credit organizations, company internal reserves.

Business Project Review

Analysis of tax implications of client business restructuring, investment and financial projects. Analysis of tax implications of major transactions. Finding ways of reducing tax burden on a business project and recalculation of tax payments.

“On-Line” Consulting

Sharing professional judgment on most important tax matters based on applicable tax legislation, law enforcement practice and position normally taken by tax authorities on comparable issues.

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